Rolland Trailers, building and selling agricultural machinery

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About us

The ROLLAND tradition

Manufacturers since 1946, ROLLAND's agricultural machines are in constant evolution and innovation to meet the requirements of the modern farmer.
15 product families are available today.

An high-tech manufacturing process

The brand new factory allows high output with excellent build quality.
State of the art technical processes : laser cutting, shotblasting, phosphating, electroplating, powder coating with robots, 2 oven curring, final quality control.

A manufacture at the point of Europe

A location which doesn't hold back ROLLAND's development because today they are leaders in the French agricultural machinery market place.
ROLLAND evolves and adapts to all situations from its ultra modern factory with an unrivalled paint process based on the automobile industry. ROLLAND can comfortably manufacture over 2000 machines per year.
ROLLAND, a visionary manufacturer.

ROLLAND trailers brief history

Joseph ROLLAND opened a small workshop in the village of Pencran (Britanny, West of France).

Busy at the time with other projects, Joseph ROLLAND built his first ROLLAND tipping trailer, with a screw system for tipping.

Joseph ROLLAND equipped trailers with hydraulic tipping.

With a lot of the agricultural sector using tractor now, Joseph ROLLAND built his first manure spreader.

Year of the balanced beam axle creation at ROLLANDs.

The wide spreading kits were adapted to the spreaders.

Adoption of standardising on the dropsided trailer side.

Large factory mechanical upgrade with the introduction of the first Robot welder.

Birth of the Turbo range with capacities of 7,5t-24t.

Installation of a new shotblasting process, fully automatic using ball bearings.

The Conic spreaders range is started.

Birth of the hydraulic lowering livestock trailer and twin vertical beater manure spreaders.

Creation of the TCE-I, Transporter, Composter, Evacuation.

New look trailer Turbovrac is built, which means large volume up to 46m3.

Rolland move from Pencran to Treflevenez into a new state of the art factory.

60 years of the company.

Launch of the Rollspeed range.

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